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Candida von Braun is a fifth generation visual artist whose work involves painting, architecture, and photography. She is represented in collections in Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

Her art focuses on her classic dressage training with her Lusitano stallions, abstract emotional expressions of impressions from her travels and photography of details, patterns, and color. She has also photographed top equestrians and horses from all over the world, and been featured in the German Piaffe Magazine.

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Her paintings are featured in the Fine Art Book:  Contemporary International Artists, Vol X.  Her photographs are featured in the coffee table quality dressage book „Wege zur Leichtigkeit in der klassischen Dressur“ which sold over 30,000 copies. She is Vice President of the Society for the Preservation of the Equestrian Arts. Candida has also been featured in Times Square where she was selected from among 300,000 artists to exhibit 5 of her paintings over a 23-story billboard as part of the See|Me Show in New York. In addition her work has been shown in New York Freeze, Art Basel Miami and Art Hamptons.

Prior to launching a full time career as a visual artist, Candida co-founded Michael Shepherd Architects, AIA, an architecture firm with a focus on the Design and Development of high end private residences, where they also did work for Nike and The Portland Zoo. The firm won the National AIA Residential Design Award in 2007. Candida received her Master of Architecture from Montana State University.

Candida is a fifth generation artist who comes from a Long lineage of fine artists. Her great-great-great-grandfather was Leo von Klenze, the founder of classical architecture and the royal architect for King Ludwig I. Von Klenze was in charge of creating the modern layout for the city of Munich. Among his notable contributions to the city are the Königsplatz, the Glyptothek, and the Alte Pinakothek, which are key examples of neoclassical architecture that have significantly shaped Munich’s cultural and architectural heritage.

Her great-great-grandfather was Angelo Graf von Courten, he was an official painter for King Ludwig II, and was requested by Pope Leo XIII to paint his papal coronation. In addition, he had a museum wing in Munich named after him.

Her great grandfather was a successful commissioned painter for the members of the royal court.

Candida’s mother Selina von Braun is a painter whose work has been exhibited in Germany and the United States.

Her aunt Candida Schlichting is a fine art photographer who has exhibited in galleries all over the world including Russia, Denmark, Germany, and Spain.

“We had no TV when I was growing up. So anytime I was bored my mother introduced me to another medium. I grew up spending my time printmaking, painting, sketching, sculpting and photographing.”

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Candida von Braun Fine Art
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Healdsburg, California 95448

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