See me takeover Times Square

Healdsburg, California – July 29, 2014 – Healdsburg artist Candida von Braun’s paintings took over the entire 23-story video billboard in Times Square at Broadway and 46th Street in New York City last weekend. Von Braun’s work was chosen to be awarded the showing as part of an annual competition sponsored by, a Long Island arts organization promoting creative talent from across the world.
Von Braun won the competition, entitled “Art Takes Times Square”, which has hosted annually since 2012. The paintings chosen for the display featured von Braun’s own Lusitano stallion “Herodes Do Aletejo”, and included the works “Larapio” (Top Breeding Stallion of Dry Creek Road’s Barbier Farm), “Best Friends”, “Wild One” and “Eye of the Storm” from her Equus Series.
“I was thrilled and humbled by the experience of sharing my latest exploration of Acryl on Raw Linen Paintings and seeing the spirit of each subject animal I worked with showcased before so many people in one place, soaring high above such an iconic venue.”, said von Braun . “The Times Square display was like a keyhole bringing the horses through to more people all over the world.”

Von Braun’s life is rooted in a culture of creative expression that encompasses art, architecture, photography, sculpture and classical dressage. In her series “Equus” she explores the ongoing challenge between realism and abstraction, layering textures in her desire to connect with the animal’s energy and personality through her art. When working on a piece, von Braun innately connects to the animal and its personality. In bringing the equine spirit to life, Candida primarily works with heavy layers of acrylics in mineral tones on large scale canvases of rare, raw handcrafted linen sourced through monastery in Ireland.

“Horses represent traits we have inside ourselves, that we are inspired to strengthen and bring to life in ourselves“, said von Braun. “Whether it is the feeling of shelter and protection of “Best Friends” or the just-do-it feeling of being ready to take on the world of “Wild One”, I want the viewer to be drawn into the joy and pure energetic connection to the horses.”
The Candida Von Braun Fine Art studio is located at 1229 Grove Street, Studio 3 in Healdsburg, California. Her paintings are represented in private collections in Germany, Spain, Italy and the US.