Marie-Antoinette, riding astride, against etiquette, would have been proud to learn that today a select group of Amazons are dedicated to the renaissance arts of a powerful kind in the Grand Stable of the Palace of Versailles: Classical Equestrian Arts combined with Dancing, Singing, Fencing or the Kyudo (traditional Japanese archery).

Their Performance is Showing Grace, strength, connection, conviction, dedication to disciplines solely reserved to the gentleman during Marie-Antoinette’s days.

They are still today an inspiration to not only embark in a male dominated field, but to develop finesse and grace beyond dominance.

It stands for the art of war that turns confrontation into an elegant dance of guiding the offensive energy and using it to one’s goal. Balancing the yin & yang of male and female energies. Staying centered and utilizing the appropriate energy at the appropriate moment.


In my series Equus, I explore the ongoing challenge between realism and abstraction. Fascinated with the process of dissolving the form, I like to work alternately from abstraction to translating the freedom to more figurative work. The process, layering of textures as well as the explorations of the form has to remain visible to the viewer. Innately connecting to the animal and its personality, I translate the pure energy and personality into a painting. This process enables me to create allegories for intrinsic qualities that the viewer can connect to on an emotional level. This way the images become a reflection of the owner’s strength, power, grace, presence, playfulness, sincerity, serenity and inner calm. In the fray of life the paintings become a centering piece, inviting the owner to reconnect with their true self.